Valentine’s Day Boudoir

When you say Valentine’s Day, many people think of that special someone. If you were to think of key words, you might come up with roses, chocolate, etc… For photographers, the key word for Valentine’s Day is Boudoir. Boudoir photos have become incredibly popular over the last couple of years as many women (and men) come into my studio to get a photo shoot done. Many times these pictures are a sexy gift for their loved one, or perhaps a tease for a future Valentine, however many people just like to take advantage of holiday pricing to get a really awesome photo done.

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One thing I love about shooting Boudoir is it’s versatility. A good boudoir photo can be classy and smoking’ at the same time! Boudoir is by nature a fairly intimate thing and in order to get a wonderfully artistic photo you need to be comfortable and in-sync with your photographer. Treating people with curtiousy, respect and professionalism is vitally important. There is a reason why the majority of my boudoir clients become repeat customers. Being relaxed, personable, and sometimes even funny are essential for putting new clients at ease. Learning how to direct and pose people is also an important trait for boudoir and being able to make suggestions in a positive manner also helps first time clients get the photo that they will be proud of.




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